Everywhere Available

Available from everywhere, where you can connect to the World Wide Web.

Security is our highest priority

We offer the best encryption with Channel Voice Encoding for our Teamspeak³ Server, and SSL for our website.

Bilingual Community

People from all over the globe are using our server.

Low latency

No matter where you are, our server has a very low latency.


We have 4 different Musicbots split of 4 channels.


FriendlyFire from user to user.

High Quality Serverhardware

The project is hosted on a high performance server.

DDoS Protection

The server is DDoS protected.

Feel the Quality and connect now

more Features

  • Free Temporary and Permanently Channel
  • Levelingsystem with Onlinetime
  • assignable Gaminggroups + Icons
  • Free for all Users
  • Fast Quality Support
Our competent support will help you if you have a question about the server.
If you join the support channel, every team member automatically gets notified and can provide a fast support.
We only use Opus Voice and Opus Music codec for the best sound quality.